Where did *that* come from?

Yesterday I went for a hike. With Simon Pegg and some random parkour guy. I was a bit put out because I didn’t realise he was a parkour guy but when the first near-vertical wall of mud challenged us it turned out that I could just about manage to keep up. Simon Pegg was awesome at parkour by the way. After a while we came across an outward bound centre with a shop in it. I lost the boys, spotted Simon Pegg going into a lift so I caught up with him by parkouring (is that right? can you conjugate parkour? I parkoured, he parkours, it’s a bit parkoury?) down some stair bannisters. He had bought some socks for me. Only the best socks in the world! They were thick, and warm, had a dragon on the ankle, and a pocket in the side. In the pocket was a miniature torch. “Press the button!” Simon Pegg said. I pressed it, the light came on, and also a recording of Simon Pegg’s voice saying “Come on then!” like he was telling me to catch up. Best. Present. Ever.
OK, it may have been a dream.

“I had a dream last night I wanted to sleep next to plastic” That’s Campervan Beethoven)’s deal. I like parkouring. With Simon Pegg.

Today (in the real world, not a dream one) I went to the car boot sale and bought antique poison/medicine bottles. Cue *rolleyes* and “what are you going to do with them for pete’s sake?” from the other half. But when I pointed out that the manufacturer of the 70 year old medicine bottle had the same (unusual) first name as him he shut up. Which makes that a WIN.

Apothecary bottles

Not purchased: a large, framed, print photo of Texas Home Stores, Birmingham.