Ruby Loves Crafting but what about Robert?

I spotted a poster for a new crafting magazine – Ruby Loves “craft magazine for girls”. Part of the blurb from their press release says “Our magazine is based on traditional family values like mums spending time with their daughters and making things together …” With issue 1 you can make rainbow cookies, a mouse pin cushion and a daisy wrist band.

In other news:

A exhibition of work from one of our greatest crafters. Beautiful, colourful work including knitting, patchwork and mosaics. Oh, but he’s a man. A dude. A bloke. Fantastically creative, and in possession of a penis. How does that work DC Thompson publishing? Surely he should be a “mum spending time with her daughter”?

Here are a few points I think you missed DC Thompson:

  1. Boys can craft too, though they will be put off if everywhere they look they are bombarded with images and information that tell them it is “just for girls” and that crafting means making daisy chain bracelets and hair clips.
  2. Dads can craft with their children too. I happen to know one who has a marvelous time with his daughter making stuff – beading necklaces, making matchstick structures, sewing, knitting, robots, you name it and they craft it.
  3. Not all mums are crafty, not all crafty kids have mums to be crafty with.
  4. Not all girls who are crafty want to make flowery cupcake stuff. Some like robots. Crafting is art and engineering – why not explore that and encourage that kind of thought? I use some quite complicated maths and geometry in my crafting; I find it a source of pleasure that the maths I learned at school can be applied to making a skirt as well as space rocket nose-cone!
  5. There is so much gender categorisation of virtually everything children come across these days it is ridiculous. Yes your research has shown that mums and daughters are keen on the idea, but does that mean you have to run with the whole “just for girls, flowers, pink” theme? Parents are as guilty as manufacturers for buying into the whole flowerydelicatepink girls/roughtumbleblue boys thing we are suffering but that doesn’t make you pandering to them right – change has to come from somewhere and you are not helping.

I realise I am shouting into the wind here but hey, enough voices join together and someone might just hear us…