Etiquette Lessons for Luke Skywalker

My other half is a light sleeper. Really light sleeper. And for the past couple of nights he has been kept awake by “a noise”, a low pitch hum that I can’t hear at all. Last night he poked me awake again to tell me it was still there.

Him: “That noise!”

Me: “I still can’t hear it. Is it really that bad?”

Him: “Arrgh, it’s like someone’s having a light sabre fight in the flat below!”

Me: “Light sabres huh? So you should go down there, be all like ‘Hey, you’re keeping me awake with your light sabre games!’ And they’d be all ‘Dude, we’re sorry. Why don’t you join in and play with us?’ And you’d be all ‘Awesome!’ and not at all pissed off at being kept awake by light sabres.”

Him: “Absolutely not – there is a proper time for light sabre fights and this isn’t the time.”

So apparently there is a proper time to have a light sabre fight.

And it’s not 11.45pm on a Friday night.

Now you know.