I am 22 years past being over this illness

I have had M.E./CFS for 22 years and yet I never stop being annoyed, upset, angry when it sideswipes me. Today I had to have a nap after my morning shower because that little bit of exertion, that normal everyday routine of getting dressed, made me dizzy, weak and punch-in-the-face tired. No matter how long I’ve been ill, or how often this happens, I will never get used to it.
I’m apparently still recovering from the gig I went to on Saturday night; even though it was a gentle sit down affair and I’d felt pretty good on the day and the days prior, my body obviously objected more than I thought it would. It was definitely worth it tho, something the pacing advocates never quite get: yes the physical payback is awful, but the lift my mood receives from these lovely social events is more than worth it. Today I may feel pretty frustrated, but I’m smiling at the memories of Saturday night…